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HomeBased Classes


Our mission is to help YOU become successful. Whether your goal is to only work a few extra hours a week and make some cash, or to start a full time business to support yourself or yourself and family.

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or, join our HomeBased Classes Facebook group to talk directly with our experts and other students!

Preparing Hot Dogs

I don’t want to start a big business. Can this program fit in my schedule?

Absolutely! We teach you how to schedule and operate this small business based on what YOU need out of it. It does not need to be full time unless that’s what you want. It can be just a few hours a week to make some extra cash, or anything all the way up to a full time business.

I used to sell products for ************** and they would take a cut of my profits. Are there any catches like that in this program?

No way! The cost of the class that supports our website, creators, and continual research is all that we ask of you. We are teaching you to set up your very own business. While we will always be there to give you additional help through our Facebook group, Instagram, or email, these are free services and it it 100% your business.

What happens after I finish the class?

By the end of the class we will have taught you everything you need to know about virtual kitchens, easy operation of them, laws and regulations surrounding them, given you input from other owners, and walked you through the process of completing the necessary paperwork to become a fully legal business. You will end the class perhaps waiting for approval on some of this paperwork, but you will be ready!


After the class, you can also join our Facebook group or (new) Instagram community. Our course creators and experts are part of these communities as well as others at all different stages of the virtual kitchen process. Our experts have a 48 hour guarantee for responding to any questions or comments on these pages, so you never need to feel alone!


You will also have lifetime access to the class after you purchase it, so you can refer back to it and see any updates we make to it!

What if I am not ready for this class right now? Can I come back later?

You can certainly wait. However, we do not guarantee that our prices will not increase or that our class will always be available for purchase. We may limit our class sizes to make sure we can spend the needed time assisting those who have enrolled. These things may include 1 on 1 conversations, management of our website, additional research, live streams, virtual coaching sessions, emails, and more!


If you choose to purchase today, you have locked in your lower price and spot in the program. BUT you are under no obligation to begin the course now. You will still have lifetime access even if we expand our services or increase our prices!

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