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Make Money

Cooking Dinner


I want to teach YOU how to be a completely independent business owner with our super simple set-up system, developed from extensive research and working with real successful business owners in the industry.


We have experts on-call to talk to you for whatever you need, a simple business model that you can personalize, and our class is as cost-effective as possible with you in mind!

What exactly is a virtual kitchen? There is a much more detailed explanation in the class; but the shortest explanation is, your cook meals in your home or in a rented kitchen and offer delivery or pickup to your customers.


Honestly, anyone with even just a few hours extra a week can make a profit with our system! But you don't have to only take my word for it, our class contains tips from real-life virtual kitchen owners! 

Here are the basics:

  1. With our system, Virtual kitchens can be as easy to run as making some extras at dinner time and then posting them on our meal marketplace partner website for easy advertising. And no, you do NOT have to be an amazing cook to do this!

  2. I will teach you our system for stress-free virtual kitchen success, and then always be available online to answer questions with our 48 hour answer guarantee, or more likely, hear your success story!

  3. We will never ask for anything more from you than our class price and perhaps a short survey afterwards. This is NOT a MLM. We only want to set you up for success and then watch you fly!

Don't forget to Visit Our FAQ page!

Click below to learn more and sign up now! Or go to our Facebook page and chat with our experts and creators.

Our team has discovered the expandable side-hustle of the future! We are currently the ONLY experts on this kind of class, the ONLY place where this instruction can be found, and I REALLY want to share it with you. In only a few hours of class time, we will teach you how to completely set up a Virtual Kitchen business in as little as 1 day!


What am I going to learn?

You will learn how cooking a few extra meals a day can produce an easy profit! It's easier than you'd think and in crazy high demand. You set the limits for as much or as little as you want to work.


We will show you how to become fully operational for $300-$400 and be your own boss with an income easily reaching and exceeding $1,000 a month!

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Have you always wanted a way to create your own supplemental income? 


You can learn how to earn a full-time or part-time
income in a way that is flexible and easily adapts to your lifestyle. This class will show you how to work with newly up-and-coming, as well as established partners to help you succeed. All you have to do, is the cooking!


About Us


Who am I?

Hello, my name is Cassie! I am the founder and main creator of HomeBased Classes. I am a proud mother of 2 children, and met my husband while we were both studying in college. My husband is a diplomat in the United States Foreign Service. Our family is currently on a diplomatic mission in Mexico (No content on this website reflects the view of the United States government).

I know what it is to need a side-hustle to help get by, but not have very much time to do it in. I also know what it is to have a full-time business needing your attention when other things are pulling you away from it. Addressing these issues is something I have built into this class, and our online community.

Our Mission and Vision

My team and I built this website in order to help people achieve their dreams! Our mission is to help as many people as possible become financially secure and independent, become their own boss, and be able to love their work.

We worked for months to gather all the knowledge and information needed to guarantee the success of our students. We interviewed successful Virtual Kitchen owners to get to the root of their success and understand their profitability. We believe that honesty and trust is of the upmost importance, and always give our best to our customers.

Contact Us

We are so proud of our class and truly feel that it brings our goals to fruition. We WILL help you through our class as well as 1 on 1 to make sure you are successful. We also promise to do our best to keep current and past students 'in the know' about this rapidly expanding industry.

Please contact us through our email or social media if you have ANY questions or concerns! We are so excited to share our expertise with you!

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